Who is Liam


Under assignment for TIME for Kids at the 2015 CES, he completed his first virtual reality (VR) article. Since then, Liam has written both features and short pieces for Innovation & Tech Today magazine, PC Lifeline, Natural Awakenings and TechSocket.net that focus on virtual and augmented reality, medical technology, eSports and numerous other tech trends.

Liam has produced videos for a variety of organizations, events and contests. These videos are created to help share the positive spirit and fun of his local community service group.  His videos are featured on Harvest Ninja and Boy Scout Troop 180.  One of Liam’s Harvest Ninja videos received an Honorable Mention in the 2015 White House Student Film Festival. Liam additionally got first place in the video category of the Get to Know 2015 contest for his video displaying his passion for the outdoors.




Although computers take precedent, Liam is also interested in culinary pursuits. In addition to helping out his family with meals, Liam has received awards for his visions in the Kitchen. He even landed himself a trip to the White House for a “Kids State Dinner” after winning the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge with his healthy quinoa chili recipe. Before that he took first place in KIWI’s 2011 Next Great Young Chef contest with his dessert pizza.


Liam is an active member of his community and helps with many local organizations and groups. He is a Life Scout and webmaster for local Boy Scout Troop 180. In addition, he runs a small organization in his local community called Harvest Ninja composed of kids (with the help of their parents) who pick unpicked fruit trees or glean vegetables, fruit or herbs from gardens; Harvest Ninja works to provide food to local community meals by harvesting unpicked produce with the owner’s permission. Harvest Ninja just celebrated the end of their third year and have harvested over 3,000 pounds of produce which was then contributed to the meals prepared for the Loaves & Fishes local community meal.


Liam Kivirist, lives on a small organic farm in rural Wisconsin. In addition to his work interests, he enjoys unwinding by watching live E-sport matches, hanging out with local friends and connecting with others across the country via Skype.


He built his first computer when he was 13 years old to power his electronic interests. The process of building his “Hackintosh” offered him a variety of hardware and software challenges to overcome. As an evolution of his passion for technology Liam Kivirist launched TechSocket.net, covering the latest tech trends, hardware and software releases, and innovation. Creating the site with a CMS and custom CSS, he’s the editor and administrator of the site. TechSocket.net covers the cutting edge, hosting in depth articles covering everything from computer peripheral and audio reviews to virtual reality hardware showdowns.

Liam Kivirist is a tech writer, computer hardware geek, fledgling programmer and freelance web developer.

Besides loving the hardware, Liam attended a week-long Java camp with iDTech and wrote over 400 lines of Java code to create his brick breaker game. He has also recorded, mixed and edited 60+ episodes of the In Her Boots Podcast. He is currently the webmaster for several organizations, including Harvest Ninja and his local Boy Scout Troop 180.

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